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One Half: Antony

I'm your typical Desi engineer working in the US.  I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back person (lazy as my wife calls that). I follow the “Principal of conservation of energy” as I explain to Teresa. Been married since 2006 and been a Papa since Nov of 2006. My lovely, talented wife and adorable daughter are the loves of my life. I always thought of myself as a loner & that the best part about babies was making them, but all that has changed with Mia. Love spending time with my family & lazing around in general. Like building up and breaking down things. Hope to take on carpentry or something like that as a hobby some day.  Not a big fan of music or photography or things like that though I’m hooked on Bob Dylan & listen a lot to Christian Rock in my car nowadays. (don’t ask me why). I love eating, my wife loves cooking and our daughter loves making a mess, so it all works fine. (besides my ever expanding gut & Cholesterol). Teresa wants me to update this page often so I will as the prosperity of my belly is directly related to that.