Our life.....our space

 The Antonys

Welcome to our part of the internet world! We are the Antony's who love to enjoy the simple things in life. In the past year we have added a new member to our brood...our little totally unplanned bundle of joy " Michelle". And boy! did we go from being a couple to a family!. It been a crazy year, from being a couple in a honeymooning phase to parents on a roller coatser ride.

This blog is simply a glimpse into our fun filled life. Be warned its not  literary stuff ( we wouldnot know how to write that!)......its just a place to pen down our experiments as a couple,parents, friends.......and not to mention our mostly failproof experiments in the kitchen...our travels....and our escapades in life.

"Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts."